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Sneha's Journey as a Champion of Conservation

A Paragraph with the Power to Change the World.

Water conservation needs immediate attention and response in the lieu of climate change. River restoration has been a prime objective in the Indian scenario and stories of change need to be used as case studies when planning new conservation policies. We need to engage people as ultimately they will be the ones interacting with the ecosystem on a daily basis. Ecological action plans are required to ensure longevity and enhanced environmental health of the restored sites for which local stewards and scientists are a key. Balancing science and action needs to be a priority when discussing a 'Future for all.'

The activist: a profile

Sneha is a conservationist and is the UNEP - Plastic Tide Turner Champion from India. She aims to inspire positive actions towards social and environmental issues. She has worked with an incredible team by her side to restore rivers and represents India as a UN Young Climate Champion. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral Studies in Sustainability Sciences at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment in Bangalore. Sneha's current work focuses on Socio-Ecological systems to restore the river Tamiraparani and setting observatories for the study in Tamil Nadu. As a coordinator of the project she has conducted activities to engage the community and mobilize them to help take stewardship of the river that is their lifeline. Sneha loves to bring forward histories of the river and engage with community stakeholders at various levels, her aim is to make science and research more community oriented and accessible for all.


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