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Teaching Kids About Climate Change Through Food

Children can feel powerless and frustrated when it comes to preventing climate change, as many solutions are inaccessible to them. However, they can take control of their eating habits and make a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Encouraging more plant-based and less-processed foods, as well as reducing food waste, are effective ways to address climate change. The role of food systems in climate change is often ignored, but it is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. By integrating discussions of food systems and personal eating habits into school curricula, children can learn how to make sustainable food choices and be empowered to take action to combat climate change. The lessons can be taught in interactive and hands-on ways, such as through food waste audits and video games, and can easily integrate into national and multistate standards for science curriculum.

Authors: Sara Elnakib and Jennifer Shukaitis

Originally published on The Hechinger Report on Feb 21, 2023

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