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Designing Sustainable Buildings with Good Ventilation

The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change have caused a need to rethink how buildings operate. While COVID-19 has led to the need for more ventilation, green buildings aim to reduce carbon footprints, which are at odds with more ventilation. This dilemma prompts the question of whether healthy buildings and green buildings are in conflict. The answer is that they need not be, and there is a path forward. The necessity of both movements is recognized since the pandemic has made it clear that fresher air means less community spread, making it necessary to have healthy buildings. Green buildings are necessary since buildings consume 40% of global energy, and reducing carbon footprints is essential to combat climate change. Governments, top scientific journals, and businesses are emphasizing the importance of both healthy and green buildings. The pressure from these entities will make it difficult for businesses to ignore either healthy or green buildings

Author: Joseph G. Allen

Originally published on Harvard Business Review on Jan 09, 2023

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